Beauty Favourite

Just a quick post today on my current beauty favourite. I have had a lot of long days recently and like to stay looking fresh faced all day without wearing too much make up to achieve this look. After recently hosting an event in London for Kiss Look So Natural Lashes I have had a bag full of a few different styles of lashes that I’ve been working my way through. I usually only wear lashes on a night out or when I’m working but after trying out some of the lighter styles I have been wearing them most days to add a bit of length and volume to my own lashes. My favourites at the moment are ‘Iconic’ and ‘Shy’.


After applying a thin line of liquid liner to my upper lid line I gently place the lashes on and once the glue has dried I coat them with mascara to bond my own lashes with the false ones to give a much more natural effect.

Above I am wearing the ‘Iconic’ lashes and find them so lightweight I can easily wear them throughout the day to maintain that bright eyed look. For the full range of lashes and other beauty cosmetics that Kiss create visit Kiss Usa