Friday Favourite – Cybersmile Merchandise

My Friday Favourite post this week is really important to me as it comes from a charity that is really close to my heart.  Last year I became an Ambassador for the anti cyber bullying charity ‘Cybersmile’.  The charity helps mainly young people who are affected by cyber bullies and want to seek advice or just someone to talk to about a cyber bullying issue they have.  I was shocked to learn that 90% of young victims do not inform adults of online bullying issues and it can eventually lead to low self-esteem, low self-confidence, self harming, social isolation and in the worst cases, suicide which is so horrific.

I have been cyber bullied in the past which is why I am so supportive of this charity and will offer any help I can to raise money for the non profit organisation.  So when they told me that they were going to release a merchandise range I was so excited to be involved in the campaign shoot.  We spent a day at a studio in London taking lots of photos with the various pieces of merchandise – knowing that the sales from the products could potentially save a bullying victims life made the day so much more fulfilling.

The quality of the t-shirts and other products is so good.  The material of the shirts is so soft and they are so comfy to wear, the phone case feels amazing because it is a matte material and I love that it has ‘#POSITIVITY’ on it, I have had one on my phone since the shoot!

Here are a few photos from the shoot, with the Cybersmile merchandise.  If you want to buy any of the products (and do your bit for charity!) then visit the Cybersmile website by clicking here.

Cyber_Smile0134hires Cyber_Smile0201hires Cyber_Smile0395hires Cyber_Smile0458hires Cyber_Smile0633hiresCyber Smile0682hires


If you are cyber bullied or know someone who is please visit for information on how to deal with the issue.  All merchandise products in the photos are available online.

Make sure you’re following @CybersmileHQ on Twitter and @cybersmilefoundation on Instagram!