Recent Beauty Buys

I love trying new products, beauty shopping for me is just as fun as clothes shopping because there is always something new to try.  I’ve been wanting to invest in a new moisturiser recently but one that isn’t too expensive and will keep my skin nice and soft especially as skirt and shorts weather is coming!  Here are a few bits that I got recently.




These first 2 moisturisers are both from Vaseline.  Their products are always reliable but I haven’t used these before so wanted to give them a go.  The first is an unfragranced moisture locking body lotion and is hypoallergenic too for sensitive skin.  It feels thick enough to moisturise my skin properly but thin enough to dry in time for me to get dressed and not stick my clothes to me!  The second is a new ‘Spray & Go’ body moisturiser.  I had never even thought to try this until a make up artist used it on my body recently and it made my skin feel so nice and gave it a lovely sheen that I had to get it!  It also comes in aloe vera and coco butter scents too.


This Toni&Guy texturising spray is perfect for me when I am adding waves to my hair.  It smells amazing and gives hair that ‘beachy’ look when my hair tends to usually lose its wave or curl soon after styling it!  Just make sure you don’t use too much or you won’t be able to do anything with your hair as it will be too sticky!



These final bits are for my make up bag which is constantly growing! I never used a primer but saw the adverts for this Smashbox one for ages so decided to buy a mini one (£12 approx) and now can’t go a day without it!  Sometimes foundation can make skin look quite shiny so instead of putting powder over the top of the foundation, if you put this primer on first it will reduce any shine and give your skin a lovely look but without making it look dried out. The lipstick and mascara both YSL are good quality make up products.  They’re a bit more expensive than your average high street cosmetics but the lipstick in particular smells amazing and is so moisturising I have never got dry lips from wearing it all day and night!  I have a few different mascaras so this one is just another to add to my collection!  I’m going to be writing a blog post soon on my favourite lip colours and collection of mascaras so keep an eye out for that!

I will also be doing a separate beauty post on fake tan so will be showing my Fake Bake products and how to use them for a nice even tan without getting that ‘tangoed’ look!

All products except from the YSL lipstick and mascara are from Boots, visit the website here.

The YSL lipstick and mascara are available from department stores or any YSL stockists.