Online Shopping…

Lots of you have been asking for me to blog about my favourite online shops.  Perfect for those of you that don’t live in the UK so cant necessarily visit the stores that I mention in my posts. So here you go….

If you live in a busy city like London then you will know that physically going shopping can sometimes be a tad strenuous, especially if you’re attempting something like Oxford Street on a saturday afternoon! Its crazy!  So whoever decided to come up with the whole online shopping experience is a genius!  Most shops nowadays also have online stores but here are a few of my ‘online only’ favourites and reasons why I love them so much.

ASOS ( – The Queen of online shopping.  Whatever you need for whatever occasion you will most likely find on  They sell male and female clothes and accessories including a petite, curvy and maternity range too! They often have ‘20% off’ promotions too and are constantly adding new pieces to the site!

Missguided ( – I love Missguided,  I mainly visit it if I’m looking for an outfit for an event or night out as I think their range of dresses, skirts and heels is one of the best out of all of the online stores.  I love how they categorise for ease of browsing so you can search only ‘prints’ if you want or only ‘co-ords’ if you know that you’re looking for something specific!  P.s If you haven’t already, you have to check out their range with Nicole Scherzinger…..AMAZING!

Boohoo ( – In my opinion Boohoo is one of the best if you’re on a tighter budget and don’t want to spend too much.  They have a massive variety of clothes from casual to dressy and have a page dedicated to ‘trends’ if you want a bit of help putting an outfit together by showing you ‘what’s hot’ at the moment.  They also do giveaways too like tickets to a festival or even a holiday giveaway so its definitely worth checking out their site!

Ok so they are the Top 3 ‘big wigs’ in the online retailing world but here are a few others that are equally as good in my opinion!

Motel Rocks (

In The Style (

Pretty Little Thing (

Sabo Skirt (

House of Trendella (

My Flash Trash – Jewellery and Accessories (

Most of these websites deliver worldwide for any overseas readers!!