Mac Magic…

It’s no secret that I love Mac make up. Most of the products I use are from Mac and I’m always looking to try new things from there. I recently bought a few new bits from there and can’t wait to use them.


The compact is Studio Tech which is a cream foundation in a compact so great for putting in your handbag to touch up whilst you’re out and about. (Mine is NC27)

The eyelashes are my favourite style from Mac as they open my eyes and don’t look too heavy. It’s important to find lashes that suit your own individual eye shape, those that look good on someone else might not suit you.

The lip liner is a nude shade for when I want a subtle colour on my lip, sometimes I don’t use a lipstick but will colour my entire lips with just a liner. It stays a lot longer too! (Stripdown)

My pencil eyeliner is an essential to me. It’s black and this one promises not to smudge! (Definedly Black)

The bronze/gold pigment is perfect for highlighting cheekbones, nose and under the eyebrows. I love the glow it gives, this colour is particularly good for more olive toned skin. (Melon)

The eyeshadows are to add to the collection I already have. I love using brown tones on my eyes as black can sometimes look too heavy. It’s important to blend colours well and never use too much on your eyes and lips at the same time!! (Left: Blackberry, right: Mulch)

All products available from MAC