Hair Habits – Percy and Reed

Hair is so important, it says a lot about a person and is something that is always seen so it’s important to look after it. I have always tried to look after my hair and have recently started getting my hair done at Percy and Reed in Shoreditch, London. My hairdresser Ky’Cut Wilson knows me and my hair well and we understand each other when it comes to hair. I like to hear his ideas and he also understands that I don’t take massive risks when it comes to my hair so he creates styles that he thinks I will love – which I always do!

He also uses some amazing products on my hair, which I think are essential to make hair look extra special and polished.

The ‘No Oil Oil’ hair serum is put in my hair when damp after washing it and then can also be used if it’s looking a bit dry after styling it and makes my hair look and feel so silky without making it greasy.

The ‘Finishing Polish’ is a light feeling cream that is smoothed over the hair once it has been styled to moisturise hair and stop any wispy hairs from poking out!

Finally, my favourite product is the ‘Shine & Fragrance Spray’ which adds shine to hair and smells amazing!


All products above are available from Percy and Reed

Some of my favourite hairstyles Ky has given me: