Skin Simplicity

I’m always on the lookout for new beauty products. I believe that if you’re good to your skin, it will be good back to you! Below are a list of ‘rules’ I try to live by in order to keep my skin looking nice!

– Drink WATER!!! (I don’t particularly enjoy it but it definitely helps skin!)
– Wash your face twice a day, so much dirt can build up on your face especially.
– Exfoliate body twice a week, face once a week. I use the exfoliating gloves on my body and the Clinique 7day scrub on my face.
– Moisturise everyday! My body moisturisers vary but my facial one is Origins Dr Weil Skin Brightening Moistruiser – I love it!
– I also use the Origins Dr Weil Skin Brightening Serum every night which is amazing!



Products above from Origins